Month: November 2012

  • Secret005

    *Attention: This show is so old it’s in the ARCHIVES now! For exclusive access to the MP3 version of this show, head over to our Patreon page!* Recording Date – 25 / Nov / 2012 Show Leader – [Nick] This is not a standard show. Please go back and listen to a previous episode. Intro…

  • PATG065

    Episode Sixty-five: Turkey is just a gravy delivery system and Christmas is not a 3 month holiday.

  • PATG064

    Episode Sixty-four: Seeing John McCain for fun, a fruit fly wedding, James Bond falls from the sky, and too many drops for Nick’s liking.

  • PATG063

    Episode Sixty-three: Honk if you [heart] butt drugs! Also; the worst pop song ever.