Month: April 2019

  • PATG373: Rap Battle

    PATG373: Rap Battle

    Episode 373: Drew Sample and Alex Bell join the gang to discuss annoying drunks, Top Golf war, animal potential, and whether or not rap counts as music.

  • PATG372: Jew Chess

    PATG372: Jew Chess

    Episode 372: Kid boners return, one word impressions, duelling drops, band names Andrew made up, pulp, Jew chess, bus rant, safety rant, gun ban rant, shopping bag ban, disco love, comic book movies, and more!

  • PATG371: Def Leppard or I Walk

    PATG371: Def Leppard or I Walk

    Episode 371: Just a bunch of horrible singing. As well as some discussion on VR Porn, movie music, welding simulators, and Andrew eating something he didn’t want to.

  • PCL188: Part 2 of Ep371

    PCL188: Part 2 of Ep371

    PCL188: Part 2 of episode 371. Puke teaches about Tau Day. Andrew asks if there are square cylinder engines. The board room audio from the creation of Marvel’s Captain Marvel movie.

  • PATG370: Dict

    PATG370: Dict

    Episode 370: AOC will do porn in 2000 days. New race classifications. Creepy Joe Biden. Andrew is dropping loads. Puke wonders what a human steak would look like. The root origins of English words. Andrew gets shushed.