Month: July 2020

  • 435: Crehatetivity

    Episode 435: The start of our 9th year! To celebrate, Andrew demands Puke stop making show merch because it’s diluting the brand. So Puke makes a Portmansheau face mask just piss him off. Attacked by birds. Manly screwing of caps. Idiotic non-holidays. Going out West. Selling car parts. And more!

  • PCL212: Confronting Death

    PCL212: Confronting Death

    PCL212: Puke’s father doesn’t have much longer to live and he doesn’t know what he should do to help. Andrew’s also has issues with ailing grandparents and worries that he’s the only responsible family member left.


    Episode 434: Puke has been working on new merch. designs for the show but keeps getting yelled at by Andrew about how bad they are. Wait times for a concealed carry permit are outrageous. Andrew has a new dating app idea. Impending economic collapse? Puke should join a veteran’s group. Andrew wants to ride the…

  • 433: Such & Fuck Shopping Center

    *Attention: This show is so old it’s in the ARCHIVES now! For exclusive access to the MP3 version of this show, head over to our Patreon page!* Recording Date – 11 / July / 2020 The Gang – Andrew & Puke Intro – “Police & Thieves” by  The Clash ~~~  www. Portmansheau .com  ~~~ +…

  • PCL210: You Know…I Like Cleaning the Maggots

    PCL210: You Know…I Like Cleaning the Maggots

    PCL210: Andrew, Alex Bell, and Drew Sample discuss real estate, finance, and self reliance. Puke is also there for an occasional quip.

  • 432: All the Best Words Are the Worst Words

    Episode 432: Puke has owned a home for one year but still doesn’t understand how AC works. Asshole neighbors and fireworks. A dream about a magical bear. Andrew rants about mandated car safety and how this mentality is ruining people.

  • 431: Curse Words Are No Fun When You Can’t Be All Bigoted All the Time

    431: Curse Words Are No Fun When You Can’t Be All Bigoted All the Time

    Episode 431: The longest conversation about ceiling fans! We discuss how our different mentalities lead to different outcomes in our lives. There are also scary sharp knives, painful gloves, wind-chime sleep-walking, and limoncello seltzer.