Month: November 2021

  • 504: Underground Lesbian Tunnels

    504: Underground Lesbian Tunnels

    Episode 504: Puke is filled with mouse poop dust after the move. Hunters are everywhere around the new studio. Brett prepared a full Thanksgiving feast and doxxes his whole family. There are too many seltzers. Dinner with angry feminists. How are people living in different realties? Are the hypnotized? The Omicron variant is coming to…

  • 503: Just Retarded

    503: Just Retarded

    Episode 503: We finally have a new studio in an unfinished basement. It’s been a crazy week of moving. The mannequin and podium are back! There are rugs hanging from the ceiling. What name will Danny and Alice choose? Did Andrew get hit on by a Scottish man?

  • 502: Up Tits

    502: Up Tits

    Episode 502: Portmansheau is on the move again. The Butler basement studio is gone and awaiting its new home. In the meantime, we are recording at Brett’s sexy lounge style studio on a casting couch. Nacho dinner. Andrew is homeless with many homes. Matthew Lesko. Spork. What is a neck gator? We have a listener…

  • 501: Stop the Rimming

    501: Stop the Rimming

    Episode 501: Puke is making too much noise in the gym, but so are the teens. Different ways to try intermittent fasting and other bio-hacking. Pizza Twist! Seinfeld is Andrew’s guide to life. Are we entering a “Fourth Turning” of humanity? Trundle Manor. Andrew’s back is broken again. Why don’t we eat more lamb? PUMP!

  • 499: Paper Mâché Comedy

    499: Paper Mâché Comedy

    Episode 499: An angry man sends emails. Should men use emojis? Gabriela goes to a climbing gym. Andrew discovers Seinfeld memes. Dune. Trying to explain what this show is to a stranger. What is blue comedy? Crypto rants from Andrew. Everything Puke loves is under attack. The fourth largest Amish community in the world. Puke’s…