Month: January 2022

  • 512: James Edelweiss Schmill

    512: James Edelweiss Schmill

    Episode 512: We’ve started a fire of dead birds in the studio. Brett and Andrew learn about bird names. Andrew has to use car insurance for the first time. The Circle movie review. dragging people behind cars for fun. The Elk’s Club. Ping-Pong. Andrew gets hacked. Losing interest in technology because it’s ruining everything. Have…

  • 511: Thou Shalt Not Covid Thy Neighbor’s Wife

    511: Thou Shalt Not Covid Thy Neighbor’s Wife

    Episode 511: A snowstorm hits Pittsburgh and Andrew is late. Brett had a cold. Snow tires. Updates to the studio. Puke wants a pool table, Andrew argues ping pong is better. VR ping pong. Boston. Andrew disappointed to find only sushi at a sushi restaurant. Football.

  • 510: Skip To the Part Where You Die

    510: Skip To the Part Where You Die

    Episode 510: How’s the weather? Then it goes downhill from there. Andrew sees more cops and feels less free in NH. A retarded man tells us to fuck off. Puke’s car gets damaged. Brett loves model trains. Workplace injuries. Planet fitness hate. When is the sunrise. Brett and Andrew try to do math to figure…

  • 509: It’s Pronounced Chupacabra

    509: It’s Pronounced Chupacabra

    Episode 509: Happy New Year! Do you remember drinks with chewy bubbles in them? Micheal Keaton. Andrew visits a bar that “King Pin” was filmed at. Will the CRV get better soon? What is thrust alignment? Movies were better before 9/11. Top Gun! Yellowstone! Beandana? Salad gifts for Brett. The rocketbook. Phishing emails. Andrew is…