Month: May 2022

  • 529: Punch Me Blacky

    529: Punch Me Blacky

    Episode 529: Brett is back from Florida and Texas. Which is the best state? Texas history, culture, weather, and sites. Puke researches African countries and Mauritius Island in the Indian Ocean. How many Colorado Rivers are there? Sick on the sidewalk. The fridge is dying so Puke drilled holes in it. Raging Bull and other…

  • 528: Ultrasemites

    528: Ultrasemites

    Episode 528: Andrew and Puke played ping-pong and got drunk before starting the show. We apologize to those that can hear. Mothers, Joe Pera, Razorbacks game call, a loud man. Which hockey player does Andrew look like? Donkey Xote, Anaconda, a real snake, riding mower pride, lightning. Puke gets angry at dust, Andrew nearly dies…

  • 527: Not Your Superior Caucasoid

    527: Not Your Superior Caucasoid

    Episode 527: Let’s buy hearing aids and sunglasses. Where did the best whites come from? Pittsburgh ABNB shooting. Are the cops to blame? Crypto and stocks crash. New backpack for few underwear. TIME magazines from the (alleged) moon landing.

  • 526: 1-1001, Wipe; 1-1002, Wipe

    526: 1-1001, Wipe; 1-1002, Wipe

    Episode 526: We’re back from Ohio! And Portugal. We see a super-rare Miata and Andrew’s new engine. A visit to depressing New Kensington, PA. Pronouns. Driving like it’s 1997. COVID test disaster. Joe Pera. Mask free flying. When did Andrew poop?