Month: November 2022

  • 552: Habubleh of the Seas

    552: Habubleh of the Seas

    Episode 552: We have Chinese for Thanksgiving and Gabriela’s birthday. Is pizza worth it? What is borborygmus? Andrew keeps getting sexualized game ads. Mah…noor. The Colorado gay-club shooter used our defense tactic. Brett is a DJ. Puke fixes an iPad. Women need to stop yelling at old men. Puke goes to a museum filled with…

  • 551: Dinner at Stinky’s

    551: Dinner at Stinky’s

    Episode 551: We’re back after 2 weeks of being sick. Did Andrew’s healthy eating lead to sickness? Is Stinky’s Bar a good place to get imitation crab? Movie reviews! The Way, Way Back, Weird Al, Young Guns 2, Mom & Dad. Snakes and spiders. Trump lovers. Car accidents. The latest crypto scandal. Tits are a…

  • 550: I’m Voting For the Handmaid’s Tale

    550: I’m Voting For the Handmaid’s Tale

    Episode 550: Definitely the worst show we’ve ever done. Banjo music, Deliverance movie scenes, singing lessons, and karaoke for a cacophonous tableau of suffering. Then we debate voting and Hulk Hogan. Andrew thinks he sees a Bald Eagle and gets scared.

  • 549: CTRL+F the N-Word

    549: CTRL+F the N-Word

    Episode 549: Brett missed school working on the slitter. Who has school spirit? Is that contrarian or conformist? Finding religion. The Fetterman / Oz debate. Puke steps on a nail. Bio-Freeze. A drunken accident. Is it an S212 or a W212 Mercedes? Voting debate. Black man listens to soul music at the diner. Soul karaoke.