Month: March 2023

  • 568: Enward B. Browne

    568: Enward B. Browne

    Episode 568: We’re back from the foreign lands of Europe! Four countries in 7 days. What did we see? What did we learn? How many traffic violations did we get? In the second half we discuss the new Indiana Jones movie and Dr. Strangelove. Andrew creates the “how old are those actors in the TV…

  • 567: Andrew Just Shit Himself. That’s Why He’s Leaving.

    567: Andrew Just Shit Himself. That’s Why He’s Leaving.

    Episode 567: We forget what era of the show this is. Glove debate! Puke is moving the studio some day because Andrew has his own house. It’s a very stupid house. Brett goes to a party with a bunch of lefty Improv Comedy people. Hilarity ensues. Did Andrew get a new passport in time for…

  • 566: Bukkake Sunrise

    566: Bukkake Sunrise

    Episode 566: What does Andrew do when no one is around? Do podcasts at double speed create impatience? Are we in a new era of the show? We apply the scientific method to hibernation. But what is the scientific method? Puke will eat all the old food. A Jersey cum-dumpster. Pittsburgh filmed movie review of…

  • 565: Sphinctercise

    565: Sphinctercise

    Episode 565: Happy plandemic anniversary! We remember all the dumb crap of those first days. Brett has a fancy night at the JCC. Belt dysphoria. Andrew learns about “The Weekend”. Bum-bumping should be more acceptable. After 5 years it finally happened to Andrew! Puke is sore. Gym ladies. Mule, donkey, horse, zebra, llama, alpaca, or…

  • 564: Cheap Skate

    564: Cheap Skate

    Episode 564: Who is Frank? Night Court and Cheers. Many movie trailers of Woody Harrelson based on a movie Andrew loved called “Triangle of Sadness”. Trans in all the women’s sports. Gay loser hockey skates. A day at the ski slopes. Andrew can’t get back into the Penguins stadium.