Month: November 2023

  • 599: He/Hymn

    599: He/Hymn

    Episode 599: Happy Thanksgiving! What awkward things happened? Puke attends his Uncle’s funeral with his brother; hilarity ensues. Church is still weird. Bag tards, Barbacide, Bezos, and Black Friday. Serving the machines. Hotel paranoia. One of Andrew’s children isn’t long for this world. Andrew gets a new app; hilarity ensues. Oops! Part 3; shower sabotage.

  • 598: Let’s Bathe In Sound

    598: Let’s Bathe In Sound

    Episode 598: Methed lady walks like David Byrne dances. One movie from every year of the 90’s. Who goes down and who doesn’t in the movie American Beauty? The vent is peeing in the basement. Brett gets a sound bath at a retreat with carpeted walls. Andrew fights two bears.

  • 597: Dick Poppin’ Fingers

    597: Dick Poppin’ Fingers

    Episode 597: Finding the coffee storage device. Adding new lights and removing sky-lights. Finding shit to fill the shelves. ER bills. Should we get prepared? House photography leads to GPS panic. Filling our table with appetizers. Battle Impact Screw Fist. You only need 64 bits. A world map of traffic tickets. A cookie for Veteran’s…

  • 596: Watching the Slop Slosh In the Slots

    596: Watching the Slop Slosh In the Slots

    Episode 596: Who doesn’t love Mexican Polka? Brett gets a goya bean guitar while being filled with awe. Uncle Dijon explains the way Andrew does. Trick or treaters from the other neighborhoods. Miranda is the worst, apparently. Fartle, part 2, now with more farticipants. Bootgate. Tim Pool is coming to PGH to stalk Brett. Puke…