Month: December 2023

  • 603: Who’s Been Semening In My Bed?

    603: Who’s Been Semening In My Bed?

    Episode 603: Last episode of the year! What new horrors await us in the future? Andrew continues to ruin the start of each episode movie trailers. Woody Allen. Summarize your week in 10 words. Andrew damages Puke’s car yet again. Too many pillows! PS5 vs. Switch. Helping Andrew’s grandmother. An entire room for tire storage.…

  • 602: PoSprayTo!

    602: PoSprayTo!

    Episode 602: Welcome to the new era of us actually showing videos in the livestream! Puke is ashamed he took so long to figure this out. Southern accents sound silly. Andrew forgets to brain-a-gen. Always cursing at the phone. What are fruiting bodies? TV and movies we’ve watched. Should movies have explicit sex scenes? Appreciate…

  • 601: Horseradish Concern

    601: Horseradish Concern

    Episode 601: Andrew has a new way to start the show. Brett goes on a Si-Quest. Jew bagels. Race Miata gets a new livery. What does the Heinz “57 varieties” refer to? Synecdoche? Our 2023 Spotify “Wrapped”. Brett finally does something he should have done long ago. Magic Christmas glasses. Puke buys Christmas lights for…

  • 600: Any 6-Year Old Can Fuck His Grandma

    600: Any 6-Year Old Can Fuck His Grandma

    Episode 600: Can you believe we’ve made it this far? Brett complains about mashed potatoes. Andrew makes a possessive joke. Puke doesn’t get it. How to pronounce Kancamagus while your tire is flat. Not respecting the ice. Andrew identifies landmarks from the air. Annoying man on the flight becomes awesome man. Gabriela shares various Indian…