Month: January 2024

  • 606: Japanic Attack

    606: Japanic Attack

    Episode 606: The best movie that takes place in PGH. Dropped digit protection. What are the ages of these 329 different actors? The Museum of Illusions. Magic eyes. Puke restaurant foibles. Dream triggers and memories. Defining 329 different words. Brett salts a walkway, hilarity ensues.

  • 605: We Love Croissants and We’re Going to Win

    605: We Love Croissants and We’re Going to Win

    Episode 605: Just a complete clusterfuck of movie trailers, music, random videos, unfinished stories, and confusion. Chinese Elon Musk, air instruments, Bruce Hornsby, model cars, Brett’s throat, Danny Devito’s height, loud hispanics, and a Mexican candy fiasco.

  • 604: The Appetite For Karate

    604: The Appetite For Karate

    Episode 604: Andrew went to Florida, Brett and Gabriela went the Mexico, Puke went to PS5. We discuss the sights, sounds, and adventures of travel abroad. Brett gets attacked. Andrew buys a hat. Troubles with banks. Taco Bell in Iraq. Finally, we try weird candies from the Yucatan Peninsula.