Month: April 2024

  • 617: Episode 247

    617: Episode 247

    Episode 617: Get your dick-beaters out of your pockets! Dreaming of teeth. Multiple mouse tales. Dog ASMR. Look out for Robins! How not to feed birds. Confusing bathroom symbols. Race-car hailstorm freak-out. The meanest storage lady.

  • 616: Nuremberg Sauce

    616: Nuremberg Sauce

    Episode 616: Happy 412 is flooding day! Brett gives a hobo an umbrella. Yard signage. Whacky Jew products to outsmart God. Ranking the religions. Travolta’s pointy dick. Gabriela gets mad that some of us don’t like dinner parties. Sour Cream and Onion flavored crickets. Andrew scores DEI points for hockey. Gabe is obsessed with some…

  • 615: What Kind of Fa99ot Marries a Woman?

    615: What Kind of Fa99ot Marries a Woman?

    Episode 615: Men wearing jewelry, yes or no? Watching video games, playing good hockey. The TikTok ban. Was PornHub started by a Rabbi? Andrew watches John Cena sing raunchy songs. Rabbits eat their own poop. Eclipse planning. Popcorn from a not-gross part of Ohio. Ze Germans appear!