Month: June 2024

  • 625: That’s My ‘Tism

    625: That’s My ‘Tism

    Episode 625: Mystify you mind with 90’s pipe windows. Andrew has coffee autism. The Topps baseball cards of yore. Andrew and Brett take a math quiz, Puke slits his wrists. Have you tried Jim’s Dog Sauce? our first SCCA Nationals autocross was quite the experience, but Andrew is getting old and slow. Puke gets attention…

  • 624: Hammer Fist Fuck Face

    624: Hammer Fist Fuck Face

    Episode 624: Has the time of the caterwaul ended? Andrew finds old CRV prices are ridiculous. Hard lines at McKees Rocks from a British mechanic. Lexus model years. Sleep patterns on Juneteenth. The Afghanis have a robotics team? Brett rides a magnificent beast named Petey. Tesla Model Why? The crashing prices of used EV’s. Nostra-dumb-us.

  • 623: You Ever Seen a Fart Before?

    623: You Ever Seen a Fart Before?

    Episode 623: Andrew becomes Morpheus from “The Matrix” and helps a young male nurse break into his rental house. Playing bean games. The WNFL is a thing apparently. How do we sleep? How do the kids make GIFs? Andrew wins the hockey draft. Ye olden drops from yore. Earwig salad.

  • 622: The Night Your Mom Learned About Sausage

    622: The Night Your Mom Learned About Sausage

    Episode 622: Birdgirl has flown the coup! Brett’s wonderful nachos. Dining bean debate. Paying for this at any cost. Use the chicken pounder! Organ of Pain. The arts festival of Pittsburgh is awful. The Frick Pittsburgh had a Vermeer on display. Andrew lost to a boy. How many gallons does this truck take?