Month: October 2011

  • PATG014

    Episode Fourteen: No Inuit blizzard curse can keep us from drinking, smoking and cursing for your entertainment!

  • Secret001

    Secret Episode One: This show is a secret bonus show. It will self destruct NOW!

  • PATG013

    Episode Thirteen: Crappy wait-staff won’t keep this show from happening!

  • PATG012

    Episode Twelve: We have no idea what’s going on! HOW DOES THIS EVER GET MADE?!

  • PATG011

    Episode Eleven: In this special episode of Puke & the Gang: Puke learns that being racist, sexist & homophobic will make him a famous and successful comedian.

  • PATG010

    Episode Ten: We made it to ten episodes; such low standards… ALARM!