Month: May 2019

  • PATG378: D-T-H-A-B

    PATG378: D-T-H-A-B

    *Attention: This show is so old it’s in the ARCHIVES now! For exclusive access to the MP3 version of this show, head over to our Patreon page!* Recording Date – 25 / May / 2019 The Gang – Puke, Andrew, & Brett ~~~  www. Puke And The Gang .com  ~~~ + Patreon / PCL :…

  • PATG377: Do You Bang?

    PATG377: Do You Bang?

    Episode 377: Nick is in town! He is unemployed, downloads porn, rides a scooter, and gets interviewed at McDonalds. He also had exciting adventures in San Diego. News Quiz brought to you by www.newswithnick.com.

  • PATG376: Ninja Fire Department

    PATG376: Ninja Fire Department

    Episode 376: Horse tranquilizer cream. No more texting. Dressing like a movie bad-guy. Brett learns to physically auto-tune his face. Episode title fight. Andrew tries to explain Game of Thrones clips. Andrew gets angry at Puke for not agreeing.

  • PATG375: Secret Hose

    PATG375: Secret Hose

    Episode 375: Andrew has the most uncomfortable locker room conversation. Brett explains Bang Bus. Puke gets to watch Game of Thrones. There will be spoilers.

  • PATG374: The Latest Shit of the Homo Line

    PATG374: The Latest Shit of the Homo Line

    Episode 374: Can you make french fries with a potato gun? Does Puke stare at ceilings too much? What happens in the year 2525? Is Andrew racist? Why are Teslas exploding? None of these questions get answered.