Month: March 2021

  • 471: Business Dancer

    471: Business Dancer

    Episode 471: How can we make this podcast last forever? Andrew reconciling his father passing away. Dishwasher hate. Andrew gives advice to Tim. We need an official business meeting dancer. Puke sells his house. The tax man is fucking us all.

  • 470: By Hand or By Donkey

    470: By Hand or By Donkey

    Episode 470: Dedicated to Andrew’s father, Warren. We also invent ridiculous Sheau themed amusement park rides. They mostly revolve around dicks.

  • 469: Hey! We all have buttplugs, come on in!

    469: Hey! We all have buttplugs, come on in!

    Episode 469: Andrew is back all filled with stories! Dinner debacle, creepy fairgrounds, a Covid vaccine site, hidden Amazon Alexa, washing machines, suddenly a sex shop, tax disaster, and Alex headed for Texas.

  • 468: DUE TO COVID

    468: DUE TO COVID

    Episode 468: Snack science, Columbus, OH parking garages, yellow tuna, state capitals, veteran exploitation, and dead soldiers faces.

  • 467: Washing a Toddler

    467: Washing a Toddler

    Episode 467: Should men own pets? Learning how and when to shower. A torturous audio ordeal. Puke’s new Air BNB and house sale. Andrew has old man pains. The people of CA are pummeled by fear.