Month: September 2021

  • 494: Peanut Butter Death Kid to the Rescue

    494: Peanut Butter Death Kid to the Rescue

    Episode 494: It’s the end of September! How do bears hibernate? We never find out. Instead, we discuss the Pittsburgh Fatties Social Club and cliche industrial themed coffee shops. Who invited this cat? There are too many peppers. Tiny spoons of poop being mailed to a lab. Brett does to a colonial fair. Andrew doesn’t…

  • 493: Poopitraitor

    493: Poopitraitor

    Episode 493: It’s a full house! Author of the book “Story of Nowhere” Danny and his wife Alice are visiting Pittsburgh. This turned into a very long show! We discussed in no particular order; Asians, Amish, detergent, tofu, dating an Amish, not dating an Amish, smelly curry, body odor, city garbage, shipping containers, Lex Luthor,…

  • PCL235: Nazi Disco Dance

    PCL235: Nazi Disco Dance

    Our German friends go to a disco dance. 

  • 492: A Heritage of Not Shitting Yourself

    492: A Heritage of Not Shitting Yourself

    Episode 492: Brett almost has a Chinese food butt disaster. Getting asked about being vaccinated by strangers. When are we getting a new studio? Andrew has Jew dinner. Did Alex break more appliances? Crows are amazing and terrifying. Andrew gets mad at Game of Thrones references.

  • 491: Anamishnously

    491: Anamishnously

    Episode 491: Should we make the show into an NFT? Andrew gets mad about that and rants about Kaczynski and the Amish. Alex thinks all Amish kick chickens. Brett gets a cops attention because of a stupid bus. Alex notices a new coffee maker. How many steps are in Pittsburgh? Fancy cocktail party with robots.…