Month: May 2023

  • 576: The White Goo Spectrum

    576: The White Goo Spectrum

    Episode 576: Breaking down the white goo spectrum of foods. Andrew learns that cooking means cleaning his pepita pan. Pole duster. Andrew listens to some terrible local PGH podcasts. Dick for dufus guy canvassing for some dumb bitch liberal. Brett’s bookmarks. Puke realizes the TV show “See” is about PGH 500 years in the future.…

  • 575: 225 ÷ 6

    575: 225 ÷ 6

    Episode 575: Andrew tries to catch a fish for Kennywood, regrets. Rope climbing fails. “The Silo”. How many Coen Brothers films was Tim Robbins in? George Wendt; alive or nah? Google Bard answers our questions. Brett keeps getting PR’s. Andrew races a Miata. Are we proud of anything? The Flight 93 Memorial makes Andrew angry.…

  • 574: Boogaloo Shrimp Chambers

    574: Boogaloo Shrimp Chambers

    Episode 574: Brett finds eggshells in a surprising place. What is the origin of the word “septic”? Is centigrade the same as celsius? “Encino Man”, “Dirty Dancing”, “Flashdance”, “All the Right Moves” trailer reviews. Rent-a-boy for Kennywood amusement park. Animal IQ. Andrew needs a lady friend to ride rollercoasters with.

  • 573: Escape from LA-dy

    573: Escape from LA-dy

    Episode 573: A new era, a new studio, and new houses. Puke battles the endless groundhogs. Brett fights awful traffic. Andrew rants about a lefty on Tim Pool. Steven Seagal can’t run. But who is the best running actor? Further talk about dealing with animal invaders. Arguments over AI, good or bad. Brett thinks the…