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  • 600: Any 6-Year Old Can Fuck His Grandma

    600: Any 6-Year Old Can Fuck His Grandma

    Episode 600: Can you believe we’ve made it this far? Brett complains about mashed potatoes. Andrew makes a possessive joke. Puke doesn’t get it. How to pronounce Kancamagus while your tire is flat. Not respecting the ice. Andrew identifies landmarks from the air. Annoying man on the flight becomes awesome man. Gabriela shares various Indian…

  • 599: He/Hymn

    599: He/Hymn

    Episode 599: Happy Thanksgiving! What awkward things happened? Puke attends his Uncle’s funeral with his brother; hilarity ensues. Church is still weird. Bag tards, Barbacide, Bezos, and Black Friday. Serving the machines. Hotel paranoia. One of Andrew’s children isn’t long for this world. Andrew gets a new app; hilarity ensues. Oops! Part 3; shower sabotage.

  • 598: Let’s Bathe In Sound

    598: Let’s Bathe In Sound

    Episode 598: Methed lady walks like David Byrne dances. One movie from every year of the 90’s. Who goes down and who doesn’t in the movie American Beauty? The vent is peeing in the basement. Brett gets a sound bath at a retreat with carpeted walls. Andrew fights two bears.

  • 597: Dick Poppin’ Fingers

    597: Dick Poppin’ Fingers

    Episode 597: Finding the coffee storage device. Adding new lights and removing sky-lights. Finding shit to fill the shelves. ER bills. Should we get prepared? House photography leads to GPS panic. Filling our table with appetizers. Battle Impact Screw Fist. You only need 64 bits. A world map of traffic tickets. A cookie for Veteran’s…

  • 596: Watching the Slop Slosh In the Slots

    596: Watching the Slop Slosh In the Slots

    Episode 596: Who doesn’t love Mexican Polka? Brett gets a goya bean guitar while being filled with awe. Uncle Dijon explains the way Andrew does. Trick or treaters from the other neighborhoods. Miranda is the worst, apparently. Fartle, part 2, now with more farticipants. Bootgate. Tim Pool is coming to PGH to stalk Brett. Puke…

  • 595: Honey Potcast

    595: Honey Potcast

    Episode 595: Andrew’s new truck impresses the union construction crew. The true cost of EV’s if they weren’t subsidized. Will AI solve ABNB or yearly reviews? More Israel/Palestine. Everything is a honey-pot. Panflute. German butt-babies. Adaptable happiness. Defeating the Comcast robot. The Doors. Andrew watches “Sex and the City” and “Destination Wedding”. Fartled awake. Bung…

  • 594: Rotate Your Fish

    594: Rotate Your Fish

    Episode 594: Tim Pool is stealing our content, this time with Patrick Bet David and his exposed chest. Ted Kennedy’s head used as a size comparison. Trouble in the middle east. Buy more guns, be more prepared. Fuck you for having ears. The life of a pumpkin. Andrew gets a new truck, Puke gets to…

  • 593: Now That We’ve All Said the Word Negro…

    593: Now That We’ve All Said the Word Negro…

    Episode 593: We learn about the various leagues of baseball in Pittsburgh’s past. Just kidding, we never look up any real information on this show! Andrew digs for sea glass. Brett teaches us to feel our butthole. Puke explains clams. There are deer guts on a Miata. Andrew says goodbye to Steve with a lie.…

  • 592: Guess the Biggest Worm

    592: Guess the Biggest Worm

    Episode 592: We are joined by Alice & Danny to discuss babies on diving boards. Andrew wants to fly before 9/11. What is a yacht? Birthing tales. Can you read cursive? Choose a baby name. Bowl-o-nase? Booyah-base? Ragu? Who is Peter Gabriel? Take a second shit. Poopcopter. Andrew buys even more cars. Beware the butthole…

  • 591: What States Do You Think Fucks the Most Dogs?

    591: What States Do You Think Fucks the Most Dogs?

    Episode 591: Current events regarding a celebrity penis! Famous men from PGH. German movie directors. The old studio location makes Andrew sad. A notebook! Dog fucker art in Andrew’s house. Pillow Hitler. Crickets! Larceny! Arsony! Shumas! Miatas! Hockey! And so much more!

  • 590: Geez, When Are the Rapists Gonna Get Here?

    590: Geez, When Are the Rapists Gonna Get Here?

    Episode 590: It’s the day after China did 9/11 and Tim Pool is copying Brett’s dreams. What was the gamer-gate? Is there a drink called Bernard? Cosplay confuses Andrew. The “Sneaky Fuckers Strategy” of politics. Cover bands. Brett brings elite donuts. A PGH podcast attacks those evil property owners buying houses, Andrew takes offense. We…

  • 589: Swedish Taxi

    589: Swedish Taxi

    Episode 589: It’s the hottest Labor Day to ever be labored. Carrying couches and digging ditches. Is Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins the same man? Tim Pool may be listening. Beef alarm! Grilled pizza. Andrew dreams after driving a Miata Cruise. Puke gets vandalized. Squeeze the creamer. The town that saved Christmas.

  • 588: Poor Polish Paul’s Problems

    588: Poor Polish Paul’s Problems

    Episode 588: Brett stares at sack at the gym. How was everyone Spaniardly raped? Puke’s favorite image from the Trump arrest this week. Andrew is tired of PGH whites demanding parks everywhere. Puke is making a home gym. Andrew gets a candle. Thumb update! Have you heard of “retard strength”? Fishbone and Parliament in McKees…

  • 587: Chinaleven / Crawberries

    587: Chinaleven / Crawberries

    Episode 587: Do we like our laughs? What movies make us cry? Can we trust Nick Gray and his “2 Hour Cocktail Party”? Shaggy. Meet the parents in Maine. Rubbing sand on the skin. Andrew gets a new Buick; drives it to Maine and back. Remember crawdads? Puke found one. The Legion of Skanks. NH…

  • 586: I Wish Your Thumbs Were More Broken

    586: I Wish Your Thumbs Were More Broken

    Episode 586: The rope swing is back! Puke goes to Sheetz. Andrew has a thumb. Old Buick’s. Boat slip-n-slide. A groundhog, a squirrel, and an alligator. Park yoga lady. Too many things to worry about.

  • 585: Get Out of Public!

    585: Get Out of Public!

    Episode 585: We just got back from Cleveland and hit record. Why were we there? Would you like to know more? What happened to the rope swing? Who rode the boat tube this week? Does Andrew have a grandchild? B&G have a two hour cocktail party; Puke refuses to participate. How loud are weddings in…

  • 584: You Could Make a Horse Out Of Balloons

    584: You Could Make a Horse Out Of Balloons

    Episode 584: Puke is back from a trip to Niagara Falls. How tall? How wide? How many family? Who Superman? Andrew’s Grandpa just wants to be left alone. Brett eats Len & Larry’s. A trap was set for Puke’s mother. Will Andrew buy a new car? Gabriela is a having a party and it’s going…

  • 583: Hey Boy, Would You Like A Place To Sleep Tonight?

    583: Hey Boy, Would You Like A Place To Sleep Tonight?

    Episode 583: Andrew and Brett break into Puke’s house while he’s away to record a show. Debate about the heights of buildings ensues. Andrew tries Lucky Charms oatmeal. The PGH Vintage Grand Prix. Brett may be injures again. Hiring a boy. What is a bed derby? Why is it so easy to get only insane…

  • 582: Nothing Better Is Coming

    582: Nothing Better Is Coming

    Episode 582: No one agrees on the color of Puke’s shirt. Brett gets his own computer, hilarity ensues. Beans and sardines on a plane. Montana. Debating oats and granola. The Dutch make the most disgusting liquorice. Succotash. Bison vs Elk. Are 9/11 holograms real? Brett ruins the show with Fonzi videos. Which ethnic groups count…

  • 581: The Only People Going To See It Is Me… and That Boy

    581: The Only People Going To See It Is Me… and That Boy

    Episode 581: PGH gets the Canadian smoke! Puke gets mad at the whiners because he’s experienced real pollution when he was in Pakistan. Andrew gets the drywall. Darshan bidi cigarettes. Is the Ohio river valley really that bad? Fuck windmills! But not the ones from “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. Mattress height. Andrew deals with a…