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ntro Song –

Host intros –
Passions, likes, dislikes, favorite colors.
Have we died by hurricane yet?!

Guest –

  • Mandrik
  • Mardrikilopolous (<280 wrote this, it makes no sense.)
  • Mandrik is of Greecian decent and makes fatty foods for fatties, but won’t eat them himself.
  • http://www.mandrik.com/

Shove it in your pie-hole –

News –


Game –

  • Headline Game
    • Read the headline and create the first paragraph before reading the article

More News –

New & Cool –

Curmudgeon Corner –

  • Why does Amazon let me pre-order something that I’ve already pre-ordered months earlier?!
  • ICP are ridiculous, how do they have a huge following? Other rich dumbasses?
  • Everything requires a damn user-name and password!
  • Kids at central square.

Flick-fessions –

  • [Puke]
  • [280]
  • [Luthor]

Tin Cup – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0117918/

Outro Song –