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Intro Song –

  • [artist] Desmond Dekker
  • [song] Shantytown (007)

Host intros –
Passions, likes, dislikes, favorite colors.
Guest –

Curmudgeon Corner –

  • Obama Kills Osama “Collectible” Figurine
  • I’m the only person who hates The Beastie Boys – 280
  • People in PA are fat, ugly and angry
  • Why are there no hot women at the laundromat as promised by television?
  • You know your beer is shitty (Coors Light) when you hire hot girls to fake flirt with guys to get them to buy the beer the girls are pimping
  • Why can’t I get packages on the weekend?

Read them!!!!!
Shove it in your pie-hole –

News –


  • [artist] The Specials
  • [song] Sock it to ‘Em

More News –

New & Cool –

Flick-fessions –

  • [Puke]
  • [280]
  • [Luthor]

Game –

  • Who would win in a fight? (Come up with a hypothetical battle to the death, and debate who would win.)
    • [280] – Hulk Hogan vs Paul Hogan
    • [Luthor] – Sherlock Holmes vs. Indiana Jones
    • [Puke] – Madonna vs Lady Googly Moogly

Outro Song –

  • [artist] The Toasters
  • [song] Matt Davis: Special Agent