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Intro Song –

Host intros –
Passions, likes, dislikes, favorite colors, bunnys.
Guest –

  • [Name] Michael Garcia
  • [About] Mexo-guay-domin-arican, Bread guy, Baby Maker. NH politico/civil disobedient?

Curmudgeon Corner –

  • Kids. Loud enough to drive you insane, but you’re a dick if you ask them to be quiet.
  • WTF with the editing episode seven Luthor?! / Everyone
  • I want a crew neck t-shirt without sleeves. -Puke
  • The trench of filth around can drink spouts.
  • Top 10 juggalo attacks
  • Individual creamer containers that spew every time you open them.
  • How do characters in Star Trek etc. know how to read/use alien computers?
  • Associating colors with sex (male / female)
  • Belts suck. I’m switching to suspenders. – Luthor
  • Why are freekeeners trying to take back the square/reach out to juggalos?
  • Supercuts has failed me again! Why can’t the do a fade? -Puke

Shove it in your pie-hole –

  • [drink] Carolyn bought us beer!
  • [eat] Nothing! We’re fasting for whorled peas.
  • [smoke] None this week; my apartment stinks. -Puke

News –


More News –

Flick-fessions –

  • [Puke]
  • [280]
  • [Micheal]

Outro Song –