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Intro Song –

Host intros –
Passions, likes, dislikes, favorite colors.
Guest –

  • [Name] Repsher
  • [About] Liberty guy from Reno. Does some Free Keene TV stuff.
  • [URL] www.FreeKeene.com

Curmudgeon Corner –

  • [Puke] Doing this podcast is turning me alcoholic. Booze is everywhere!
  • [Andrew] Bad ideas seem so brilliant while drunk.
  • [Jim] Company gave out gift cards. Mine had “Jim” on it. WHY? That’s not my name.
  • [Puke] Automatic soap dispenser automatically jizzes soap onto my sleeve as I’m using the sink.
  • [Andrew] Just because I have a sporty car doesn’t mean I give 2 shits about your ricer POS or your big dumb loud truck. Cut it out assholes!
  • [Jason] Pubes
  • [Puke] Sending an email or FB message to the effect of “Hey I have something to talk to you about.” but not actually writing what it is you want to talk about! WHY?!
  • [Jason] Prego-Bitches

Shove it in your pie-hole –

  • [drink] Luthor’s Wine??? If not, I have Studly Monk and Buffalo Trace. – Andrew
  • [food] Cabot Chipotle cheddar on Breton crackers.
  • [food] Luthor’s shitty road-side fruit cup.

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How Much $ To Suck Cock?
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Flick-fessions –

  • [Puke]
  • [280]
  • [Luthor]
  • [Jason]


  • Urban Dictionary
      • Luthor Wins!

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