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Recording Date – 09 / June / 2014
Music picked by – [Andrew]
The Gang – Puke, Andrew, Nick

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Intro Song –
~ [artist] Reel Big Fish
~ [song] Everyone Else is an Asshole

Curmudgeon Corner –
~ [a & p] AutoX
~ [a] X-Men: Days of Future Past
~ [p] Mother arrives weeks early
~ [a] Super-fun Habanero Challenge

Shove it in your pie-hole –
~ [drink] Vodka and Whiskey

Break Song –
~ [artist] Reel Big Fish
~ [song] Nothing But a Good Time

Curmudgeon Corner –
~ [nr] I can’t not get distracted at work. Do I need some of that adder…ol

Weekly Ramblings –
~ Nick Pengos it up again… He’s insane

News –
~ [nr]  Tracy Morgan injured
~ [nr] Is Pi Trademarked? [Trademark Record]
~ [nr] Semen Squirted
~ [p] Newlyweds killed after hitting each other in head-on crash

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Outro Song –
~ [artist] Reel Big Fish
~ [song] Beer

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