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Recording Date – 19 / Oct / 2014
Music picked by – [Andrew]
The Gang – Puke, Andrew

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Intro Song –
~ [artist] Easy Star All-Stars
~ [song] Billie Jean

Guest –
~ [Name] Ellen and Ali
~ [About] Ladies

Weekly Ramblings –
~ Four Wheelin’!
~ Waze App [Terry Crews]
~ The pumpkin festival is ruined!

Curmudgeon Corner –
~ [p] My fingers don’t work. Because of the ATV.
~ [a] Traffic court

Shove it in your pie-hole –
~ [drink] Kelsen Brewing: Spacetown Pale Ale
~ [drink] Jack Daniels Old No.7
~ [drink] Henniker Brewing: Hometown Double Brown
~ [drink] Redbull
~ [smoke] Marlboro Lights

Break Song –
~ [artist] Easy Star All-Stars
~ [song] Karma Police

News –
~ [p] Keene State Pumpkin Fest Riots

~ The second half got a little complicated.

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Outro Song –
~ [artist] Easy Star All-Stars
~ [song] Money

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