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Recording Date – 07 / Dec / 2014

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The Gang – Puke, Andrew, Nick via skeepe

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Incoherent Ramblings – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

From: Eric L.

Message: I finally got to listen to the 166 After Show and…


So many arguments with the bad driver bracket:


1) Yield sign stoppers

2) Red light non-right turners

#2 – The highway merge/yield argument is not valid.  Entering a traffic circle is more valid.  Those are annoying, buy the non-turners


3) Tailgaters

4) Under the speed limit

#4 – Agreed.  Do the speed limit.  If I am annoyed by a tailgater, I’ll just speed up and slow down a lot.  If that annoys you, pass me.  If not, back off.


5) Over courteous 4-way stop

6) Speed up when you pass

#6 – If I let you go, and you want me to go instead?  OK, I’ll go.  Speeding up when you pass can be due to inattention to your speed, but once that happens, you’ve lost your position.  Suck it up.  And sometimes it is a driver feeling threatened because you want to get ahead of them.  Those are the assholes.


7) Bad parkers

8) Family stickers

#7 – The stickers do not inconvenience me in any way.  Parking across the line does.  Many here in MN think that a light dusting of snow obscuring the lines gives them carte blanche to park badly.  I hate those people.


9) Pass and slow down

10) Bad mufflers

#9 – I have no experience with this, but it’s almost the same as people hurrying up to pull out in front of me and not speeding up to as fast as I was already going.  I hate that.


11) Left lane blockers

12) Inconsistent speed

#11 – These can ruin hundreds of people’s day at once.  I was on the freeway just this weekend in a giant column of left-laners that wanted to do 75+ who were all being held up by one guy insisting on enforcing the speed limit on everyone else, crawling past the right lane drivers, with plenty of gaps he could pull into to let others pass that were not big enough to get around him. And I reserver the right to go whatever G-D speed I want to, so long as I am responsible with my right lane/left lane discipline.  I rarely use cruise control, so yes, I’m going to go slower up hills and faster down them.  Deal with it.


13) Use brakes in traffic circle

14) Arressive yellow light braking

#13 – I could go either way here


15) Bad headlights

16) Exhaust stank

#15 – My commute goes past a UPS distro center, so I have a lot of experience with the stank vans, but I definitely go with the headlights.  I also drive mostly small cars that get my retinas blasted by the headlights of jacked up pickup trucks behind me at stoplights.  Also, I am not sure if it is just me getting old and my eyes going bad, but it does seem like headlights are getting a lot brighter, and aimed higher, which probably makes those driver feel safer.  Right until I plow into them because I cannot see where the road is in the glare.


Missing from your bracket:

17) Unable to go on their turn at a 4-way stop until you have also come to a complete stop for them

18) Excessively timid drivers in rain and snow

19) Poor snow and ice removers – either the ones who scrape the tiny peep hole in their widshield or those who do not brush the foot of snow off the top of their vehicle, so it billows off into your face as soon as they reach 40mph.

20) Put down the phone!

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