PATG192: Lost in Area 23 again

PATG192: Lost in Area 23 again

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Recording Date – 30 / May / 2015

Music picked by – [Andrew ]

The Gang – Puke, Andrew, Nick


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Intro Song –

~ [artist] Captain Sensible

~ [song] One Hit Wonders (starts slow, advance to a good part)


Guest –

~ [Name] Kirk, Brett, Mike, Tom

~ [About] Booze Aficionados

~ [URL] Area 23


Incoherent Listener Ramblings –

~ [See Below]


Our Weekly Ramblings –

~ Sold the bike

~ Memorial Day 10K

~ Big freeV

~ Nick’s driveway is a goner soon.

~ I am going to buy a house


Curmudgeon Corner –

~ [a] Moving People

~ [a] Pulled Over

~ [a] Nick needs to get drunk more often


Shove it in your pie-hole –


~ [food] Maxey’s General Store jerkey

~ [smoke] Macanudo and Acid Blondie


Break Song –

~ PCL032 Clip


Outro Plugs –

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Outro Song –

~ [artist] Captain Sensible

~ [song] Neverland


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