PATG193: Don’t shave your balls in the locker room

PATG193: Don’t shave your balls in the locker room

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Recording Date – 06 / June / 2015

Music picked by – [Andrew]

The Gang – Puke & Andrew


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Intro Song –

~ [artist] Lagwagon

~ [song] Drag


Guest –

~ [Name] Osborne and Dale

~ [About] MEN!

~ [URL] www.men.com


Incoherent Listener Ramblings –

Long email – Play This on my cue, click this on my cue


Our Weekly Ramblings –

~ Puke buys too much

~ Neal is paranoid

~ Dale gets a car

~ Dale’s hard condition

~ Houses

~ Success stories


Curmudgeon Corner –

~ [p] Do you give your dick the deaths stare or straight ahead when pissing.

~ [a] Me VS Cops

~ Man shaving balls in the gym locker room


Shove it in your pie-hole –

~ [drink]Long Trail Stand Out American Pale Ale


Break –

~ Clip from PCL 033


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Outro Song –

~ [artist] Lagwagon

~ [song] Poison in the Well


Incoherent Ramblings – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

From: Sergeant Dick (Puke’s Drill Sergeant)

Message: Back when puke was in basic training. I caught puke trying to smuggle in a 24 pack of Coors Light. I took puke to my office and made him drink all 24 coors lights; Puke ended up getting so trashed he actually pasted out. Then I Proceeded to call in his entire platoon, we all had a fun time fucking puke in the ass and jamming our big army dicks in my mouth. From that day forward, puke was my favorite private!


I really enjoy the show. Keep up the good work puke.

#Armystrong #fuckandrew

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From: J. W.

Message: The song in the end of episode 191 seemed weird at first but I came to appreciate its uniqueness. Andrew was just unable to appreciate it because he is closed minded and one sided. What he said about it made him sound like a jerk as usual. He thinks being judgemental is funny but really it is a pain to listen to him say random things are not cool for no good reason except that they’re not the exact same as what he likes. And I don’t have to be a fan of what he is criticizing to be irritated by the negativity. And I hate it when he tells other hosts they are boring, I never agree with him. But he is boring on a regular basis. He was extremely rude to those female hosts that one time he was not personally interested in the topic one of them brought up even though you usually let all your hosts talk about different kinds of things. No wonder Puke and the Gang has become more of a sausage fest. Not to say that one gender is more boring but a more mixed group of people makes for more interesting conversation. I appreciate the podcast no matter who is on but that is the honest truth.

I have another theory about why he didn’t like the song “Mad.” It’s an expression of emotion, but Andrew would rather deny the fact that he is a human being and has the potential to feel such overwhelming anger so he rudely rejects the song because he is afraid of identifying with the lyrics.

Puke, you are the most funny and entertaining one so damn right, it’s your show, it has your name on it! I’m sorry to hear about your PTSD. Don’t compare it to other people; what matters is not what happened or how intense it was, what matters is whether you’re experiencing problems from past trauma. Don’t be afraid to come to terms with having it because MDMA can cure you. This page says you can treat yourself alone at home successfully, and it has some good basic info. http://howtousepsychedelics.org/ptsd/ Then they actually have step by step instructions for MDMA use down to what scale to get, dose, how to prepare, and what to expect to go through.http://howtousepsychedelics.org/mdma/ It’s not an unpredictable rollercoaster like real psychedelics as in lsd ((although those are wonderful and helpful too)) so don’t worry about the MDMA experience, like they said the subjective mental experience feels fairly stable, while creating a dramatic increase in emotional openness and a reduction in fear and anxiety. I’m sure you or someone you know knows how to use the deep web so seize the opportunity and get an excessive amount of that miraculous substance while its on your mind. Just because doctors can’t give you this treatment yet doesn’t mean you can’t do this for your own health. Don’t diminish the importance of your mental health just because others can’t see it. Think about it like this; your mind is the center of your life experience no matter what you do. It’s closer to you than your heart, lungs, and stomach, yet some people think mental health is less of a priority. But if you research the effects of stress and think about how much our minds create the conditions for our bodies, really mental health is the foundation for the rest of our health, and much more than that.

I really enjoy the shows, even Andrew sometimes when he is not ranting about how his opinions should be considered objective facts. Rock on!

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