PATG217: May he “brap” forever in the afterlife.

PATG217: May he “brap” forever in the afterlife.

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Recording Date – 04 / Dec / 2015

Music picked by – [Andrew]

The Gang – Puke, Andrew, Nick

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Intro Song –

~ [artist] Bad Religion

~ [song] Fuck You

Guest –

~ [Name] Rhett Ben-wa

~ [About] Podcast Master

~ [URL] School Sucks Project – Education evolution.

Our Weekly Ramblings –

~ Rich “Danger” Staley

~ Puke goes to an Urgent Care facility. Is not surprised by the caliber of people in the waiting room.

Curmudgeon Corner –

~ [a] I need more cars. I have anxiety from not having enough.

Break Song –

~ [artist] Bad Religion

~ [song] Punk Rock Song

Outro Plugs –

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Outro Song –

~ [artist] Bad Religion

~ [song] Sorrow

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