PATG225 : I want to kill kids with a car in GTA!

PATG225 : I want to kill kids with a car in GTA!

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Recording Date – 07 / Feb / 2016

Music picked by – [Andrew]

The Gang – Puke, Andrew, Nick


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Intro Song –

~ [artist] Le Matos

~ [song] 58 Minutes Pour Vivre


Guest –

~ [Name] Johnson

~ [About] Designer man

~ [URL] www.johnsonrice.com


Our Weekly Ramblings –

~ Darn Tough sock update

~ Super Bowl L betting

~ Nick loses the new computer parts

~ [nr] snow and cars crashing on the highway

~ Cumberland Tards / Cumbertard Farms


Curmudgeon Corner –

~ [p] Recording computer skips

~ [p] Voting

~ [a] When is it ok to fight someone or make them hurt themselves?


Shove it in your pie-hole –

~ [drink] Sam Adams: Nitro Project


Break –

~ PCL 059 Promo: Chicken Thing


News –

~ [p] Martin Shkreli Senate hearing

~ [p] Mike Carano Sister killed by random tree I don’t feel like talking about this – A


New & Cool –

~ [nr] Nick played The Witness


Outro Plugs –

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Outro Song –

~ [artist] Ryan Reynolds, Anna Kendrick, Gemma Arterton & Ella Smith (O’Jays Cover)

~ [song] “The Voices” Sing a Happy Song