PATG312: Part 2: Pizzer

PATG312: Part 2: Pizzer

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Recording Date – 28 / Jan  / 2018

The Gang – Puke & Andrew

Intro – “Instrumental Experiment 6” by  Mike Carano


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Talkings About –


~ I reserved an economy car. Versa or similar. Arrived at Enterprise and when I got to there lot some dumb woman just wandered around looking for cars. Started with an Impala that already had a woman in it. Then she tried 2 different Infiniti Q80’s when a guy walked by and said those are exotics. She then said “How about a convertible?”  Got a BMW 430i hard top convertible. Price almost doubled.


Got to hotel. Was sketchy as fuck. Was able to cancel. Got Hampton Inn Homewood Suites by Long Beach Airport instead. Far less terrifying.


Navigating with Google maps while the BMW nav was still yelling at me. Couldn’t figure out how to turn off.


The hotel room lights shut off automatically. Motion sensor.


Forgot wall charger. Hotel has freaking USB charge ports everywhere!


Ate raw oysters in Long Beach.


I ate a real mango! Coworker very surprised I’ve never had one until he remembered I’ve been in NH.


My god TV is awful. Most of the DirecTV channels are nothing but infomercials. Is that how they make extra revenue?


?? Some stupid fucking Women’s March is fucking up traffic even worse in LA.


Petersen Automotive Museum

– Fucking awsome

– Take the vault tour. It’s a guided tour of all the cars not in the main museum. There are some really neat old historical cars, race cars, Hollywood cars, a gold plated Delorean, some amazing rare Ferraris and a 2nd gen Ford GT, a Toyota 2000gt, 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO racecar ($20mil), a Tucker, and so much more I forgot about.

– Some of coolest stuff was graphic design of the car related stuff like manuals and brochures, concept art, and maps.

– The Ford GT experience thing with a Microsoft HoloLens was so dumb. That hololens has a tiny rectangle of a viewing area so you’re just swinging your head all over the place trying to see the graphics.

– A McLeran P1 is a lot smaller in person than I thought.

– There was a Tesla Roadster, Model S, and Model X in the vault. When guide got to them he asked “who’s from LA? Then you’ve seen these.” I gave a booo. Guide said they were donated. I bet Tesla donated them as a PR stunt.

– Best cars were the Delorean, a Ferrari 250 Gt California Spyder, Tucker, Honda 600 Serial #1, and McLaren P1.


Griffith Observatory

– Holy fuck there are a lot of people around that place.

– Really cool architecture.

– Amazing sightlines and sunset vista, totally worth it.

– Goddamn traffic around LA is awful.


Sunday Drive

– Amazing how bad California highways are. What do these corrupt politicians do with all the money they steal?

– ‎ Went to Mo’s Egg House for breakfast. Had the complimentary coffee cake with my coffee.

– They have local ads printed on the coffee mug! Either they go thru a lot of mugs or ads cost a lot.

– ‎ I had the Lox Plate. Goddamn I love smoked salmon.

– ‎


Watched a guy walk down the road arguing / yelling at invisible people or something.


I think there was a Hobo sleeping in my hotel lobby Wednesday morning.