Month: October 2020

  • 453: Air Just Comes Out of My Face

    453: Air Just Comes Out of My Face

    Episode 453: Andrew is going to see a picture show, is a cold weather puss, and doesn’t have joy. Puke isn’t excited about his work trip, dislikes poor communication, and is forced to think about life goals. Do you have fridgeulance?

  • 452: Yeah… Guns Are Way More Expensive than Potatoes

    452: Yeah… Guns Are Way More Expensive than Potatoes

    Episode 452: Newdio! We’ve moved the studio yet again, but in record time we were back up and slingin’ slapstick. Puke has delicate hands, a sick cat, and an upcoming trip. Andrew talks about Nashville, guitars, spiders on ships, and fighting the bureaucrats. Andrew also bought yet another car. SOAP!

  • 451: I Panicked

    451: I Panicked

    Episode 451: Puke forgot he updated the email a year ago. Andrew is shocked we have a YouTube channel. Where is the album artwork? An angry detective. Puke’s last week of unemployment. Tax burden. Held hostage by Verizon. Puke causes a woman to road rage. Some of Andrew’s trip to Tennessee.

  • PCL220: Puke the Soloist

    PCL220: Puke the Soloist

    PCL220: Puke gives a job update, gives a house update, gives a fasting update, deletes Twitter, & reads a college students insane nonsense.

  • PCL219: Dark Sheen

    PCL219: Dark Sheen

    PCL 219: Employment landscape ~ [a] Tax goals ~ Puke is a lazy idiot ~ [p] Paint sheen ~ [a] I’m going to help Puke for 1 hour a day ~ Remembering teachers. ~ Setting a goal ~ Repeat everything again b/c Puke is a moron ~ [p] Depressed about life.

  • 450: Yeahcuhdaihkahla… Learning

    450: Yeahcuhdaihkahla… Learning

    Episode 450: Moar soap! Puke gets his house ready for sale. learning about rules and punji pits. Andrew is fighting a ticket 7 hours away. Cupolas! Becoming a river king of real estate. Dollywood. Crazy covid lady in a candy store. Sitcom mashups. Andrew won’t listen to his body.