PCL220: Puke the Soloist

Recording Date – 10 / Oct / 2020

The Gang – Puke

Intro Song – “Broken World” by Five Finger Death Punch

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~ Job update: I failed due to anxiety to call the recruiter Monday. Tuesday Andrew held my feet to the fire and made me call and explain that I’m losing other opportunities waiting on this job offer. I called, and the recruiter gave the same answer that the paperwork is under review still. So Andrew told me to call someone else that isn’t the recruiter. I found the local boss, whom I have had contact with on LinkedIn. He was able to find out that the hires are approved by the company president and that’s why it takes so long. So at least I have an answer there. In the meantime I’ve gone back to searching for other opportunities as well. 

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~ Itunes Reviews (remember when these mattered?!)

daphilsta, 04/02/2018 / Laugh yourself stupid

Puke & the Boys serve up hilarity with a chaser of laugh yer balls off ! Guaranteed to kick the snot out of the blues & get you smiling like yer as drunk as any member of their gang!

SarahStoudt, 08/14/2020 / Thanks for the entertainment

You’re my people. Thanks for the entertainment on my long commute. I love the introductions lately. I also really enjoy the music you chose. Thanks!

~ Dawn Franzen

  1. Hello, my name is Dawn From western mass. I am a graphic design student aiming for a degree in graphic design. I am the owner of horses one miniature horse and Quarter horse. I love them so much. I hoping to learn more the history of design  and I can apply to my art.
  2. The Industrial Revolution changed the way people lived. With the revolution the power the power shifted to the capitalist, manufactures, and even the working class.  It put the to end to agricultural.  Engines, machines, and factories with steel and iron available. It also changed the way of printing. Going from wood type going to steam powered press making 400 sheets per hour. Printing 250 faster people could get their info faster from magazines and newspapers by 1830 printing expanding to books, newspaper and jobbing printers proliferated. It also began for photography when a French man Joseph Niepce produced the first imaged with continuing his research with Daguerre on January 7, 1837; he perfected daguerreotype.  The photograph was documented moments in history from day to day moments to moments in war. The industrial revolution got where we are today.
  3. With the increase of machines and economy grew so fast do you think it causes turmoil for from working in the field to factories? Have their jobs threated to be taken away because machines are better and quicker. John Walter II commissioned  Koenig to build two double cylinder press could make 1100 an hourEven today are replacing humans which I think sad it still happens today.
  4. I agree that machines made workers feared of losing their jobs. The hand press made about 400 print to the steam press made about 1,000 print an hour. I feel Like chromolithography, lithography and offset lithography made a significant impact in visual communication during the revolution. Chromolithography used widely1860’s to 1900. Lithograpghy was introduced in 1700’s, and offset began by the paper backing was soaked off leaving image  then transfer onto roller printed on a tin packaged.
  5. I was reading rubric for milestone 1. it said you APA format for citation but it did not clarify about the whole paper format do you want it in APA too or MLA format? I am slightly confused on the section trends of similarities and differences could try clear things for me.
  6. Thank you for clearing that up for me. Moreover, I am still confused on the part of trend one element that must address in the paper. I do not know exactly what suppose to use for examples and I need two or just one.
  7. The qualities of art nouveau are themes of flowers, plants,  and curving lines such in women hair. Exploring all art The sense of returned to nature being against the industrial revolution. The mass production of art it was poor quality and ugly.  The early broadside posters focused on big bold typography and mainly black and white. Their size remains large since they were meant to read from a distance. Art and craft were a movement to bring the artisanship and bring the aesthetic to art. To maintain a high quality of art and stay away poorly made pieces. Set the back of limiting arts in the 19th century was the fact they mixed too much when they decided to one many have styles to make it unpleasant for the eye.