Month: August 2023

  • 588: Poor Polish Paul’s Problems

    588: Poor Polish Paul’s Problems

    Episode 588: Brett stares at sack at the gym. How was everyone Spaniardly raped? Puke’s favorite image from the Trump arrest this week. Andrew is tired of PGH whites demanding parks everywhere. Puke is making a home gym. Andrew gets a candle. Thumb update! Have you heard of “retard strength”? Fishbone and Parliament in McKees…

  • 587: Chinaleven / Crawberries

    587: Chinaleven / Crawberries

    Episode 587: Do we like our laughs? What movies make us cry? Can we trust Nick Gray and his “2 Hour Cocktail Party”? Shaggy. Meet the parents in Maine. Rubbing sand on the skin. Andrew gets a new Buick; drives it to Maine and back. Remember crawdads? Puke found one. The Legion of Skanks. NH…

  • 586: I Wish Your Thumbs Were More Broken

    586: I Wish Your Thumbs Were More Broken

    Episode 586: The rope swing is back! Puke goes to Sheetz. Andrew has a thumb. Old Buick’s. Boat slip-n-slide. A groundhog, a squirrel, and an alligator. Park yoga lady. Too many things to worry about.

  • 585: Get Out of Public!

    585: Get Out of Public!

    Episode 585: We just got back from Cleveland and hit record. Why were we there? Would you like to know more? What happened to the rope swing? Who rode the boat tube this week? Does Andrew have a grandchild? B&G have a two hour cocktail party; Puke refuses to participate. How loud are weddings in…