Podcast: Portmansheau

  • 616: Nuremberg Sauce

    616: Nuremberg Sauce

    Episode 616: Happy 412 is flooding day! Brett gives a hobo an umbrella. Yard signage. Whacky Jew products to outsmart God. Ranking the religions. Travolta’s pointy dick. Gabriela gets mad that some of us don’t like dinner parties. Sour Cream and Onion flavored crickets. Andrew scores DEI points for hockey. Gabe is obsessed with some…

  • 615: What Kind of Fa99ot Marries a Woman?

    615: What Kind of Fa99ot Marries a Woman?

    Episode 615: Men wearing jewelry, yes or no? Watching video games, playing good hockey. The TikTok ban. Was PornHub started by a Rabbi? Andrew watches John Cena sing raunchy songs. Rabbits eat their own poop. Eclipse planning. Popcorn from a not-gross part of Ohio. Ze Germans appear!

  • 614: Let’s Just Strangle Each Other and Hope We Die At the Same Time

    614: Let’s Just Strangle Each Other and Hope We Die At the Same Time

    Episode 614: Leopard print keyboards. All black rooms (the color, not the race). Wes Anderson hate. Who is Burn Gorman? Pooping at work or on the road. Tree dyslexia. Hockey stink. Are snakes lizards?

  • 613: Now That Matt B. Has Surely Jizzed

    613: Now That Matt B. Has Surely Jizzed

    Episode 613: We argue whether the Chinese are good or bad. After watching some kung fu movies, we are undecided. What is Occidental? Gabe fists a toilet and gets crumbs all over the studio. The great PGH bobblehead heist of 2024. Andrew’s kiddy pool. The size of the Earth.

  • 612: What Are All Your Sardines For If You’re Just Going to Kill Yourself?

    612: What Are All Your Sardines For If You’re Just Going to Kill Yourself?

    Episode 612: Post office pain! Mini-Golf pain! Airport pain! Kiosk pain! Everything is pain! The groundhog war resumes. VR power-washing robots. Sight without glasses. Radio tower heights. Are the commies in retreat? How do we dispose of the hobos?

  • 611: It’s Better To Fuck People Than It Is To Fuck Almost Anything Else

    611: It’s Better To Fuck People Than It Is To Fuck Almost Anything Else

    Episode 611: Buckle up buttercup! This is a long one! Andrew likes a Sci-Fi show!? Halo LAN parties. Brett’s zipper maneuver. Fort Duquesne Bridge merging. Would you throw an egg at another car as a form of frontier justice? Ham sandwich update! Downtown Pittsburghs growing hobo humps. Andrew touches the governor. Guessing the AFI Top…

  • 610: BusBoner.com

    610: BusBoner.com

    Episode 610: Websites have ruined Andrew’s week. The Kansas City parade shooting. When the Red Sox almost won the pendant. Google’s new super racist AI. The next generation of porn. Chip-chopped ham. Sebastian calls in from India trying to sell us a website. The enraging PGH City woke-cast. COMPUTER CRASH! We recover from the destruction…

  • 609: You Wanna Hear White People Say the N-Word?

    609: You Wanna Hear White People Say the N-Word?

    Episode 609: We had a great night at the PGH Improv watching based Canadian Ryan Long. The worst day to drive to Cleveland to pick up the race car. SO much Hitler talk! What is the exact date, and time you were born b/c Gabriela has a new astrology book or cult or something. Andrew…

  • 608: Nacho Credit

    608: Nacho Credit

    Episode 608: Improvised caterwauling! New suits and new boots. Hotel weed smoke. African bird dancing. American trans dancing. Effeminate man dancing. The Macho Mandalorian. Coping with clubs. Destroying over-confidant children at Mario kart. The Swifty Bowl. Brett rides a bus. Too many Subway sandwiches.

  • 607: FBI’m Joking!

    607: FBI’m Joking!

    Episode 607: It’s an episode just chock full o’ trailer nuts! We ramble on about all kinds of shows and movies. Andrew finds the absolute worst reality “show” on the internet, and then ruins our lives by telling us about it’s existence. Thanks nerds! Also, Puke thinks the NFL is rigged.

  • 606: Japanic Attack

    606: Japanic Attack

    Episode 606: The best movie that takes place in PGH. Dropped digit protection. What are the ages of these 329 different actors? The Museum of Illusions. Magic eyes. Puke restaurant foibles. Dream triggers and memories. Defining 329 different words. Brett salts a walkway, hilarity ensues.

  • 605: We Love Croissants and We’re Going to Win

    605: We Love Croissants and We’re Going to Win

    Episode 605: Just a complete clusterfuck of movie trailers, music, random videos, unfinished stories, and confusion. Chinese Elon Musk, air instruments, Bruce Hornsby, model cars, Brett’s throat, Danny Devito’s height, loud hispanics, and a Mexican candy fiasco.

  • 604: The Appetite For Karate

    604: The Appetite For Karate

    Episode 604: Andrew went to Florida, Brett and Gabriela went the Mexico, Puke went to PS5. We discuss the sights, sounds, and adventures of travel abroad. Brett gets attacked. Andrew buys a hat. Troubles with banks. Taco Bell in Iraq. Finally, we try weird candies from the Yucatan Peninsula.

  • 603: Who’s Been Semening In My Bed?

    603: Who’s Been Semening In My Bed?

    Episode 603: Last episode of the year! What new horrors await us in the future? Andrew continues to ruin the start of each episode movie trailers. Woody Allen. Summarize your week in 10 words. Andrew damages Puke’s car yet again. Too many pillows! PS5 vs. Switch. Helping Andrew’s grandmother. An entire room for tire storage.…

  • 602: PoSprayTo!

    602: PoSprayTo!

    Episode 602: Welcome to the new era of us actually showing videos in the livestream! Puke is ashamed he took so long to figure this out. Southern accents sound silly. Andrew forgets to brain-a-gen. Always cursing at the phone. What are fruiting bodies? TV and movies we’ve watched. Should movies have explicit sex scenes? Appreciate…

  • 601: Horseradish Concern

    601: Horseradish Concern

    Episode 601: Andrew has a new way to start the show. Brett goes on a Si-Quest. Jew bagels. Race Miata gets a new livery. What does the Heinz “57 varieties” refer to? Synecdoche? Our 2023 Spotify “Wrapped”. Brett finally does something he should have done long ago. Magic Christmas glasses. Puke buys Christmas lights for…

  • 600: Any 6-Year Old Can Fuck His Grandma

    600: Any 6-Year Old Can Fuck His Grandma

    Episode 600: Can you believe we’ve made it this far? Brett complains about mashed potatoes. Andrew makes a possessive joke. Puke doesn’t get it. How to pronounce Kancamagus while your tire is flat. Not respecting the ice. Andrew identifies landmarks from the air. Annoying man on the flight becomes awesome man. Gabriela shares various Indian…

  • 599: He/Hymn

    599: He/Hymn

    Episode 599: Happy Thanksgiving! What awkward things happened? Puke attends his Uncle’s funeral with his brother; hilarity ensues. Church is still weird. Bag tards, Barbacide, Bezos, and Black Friday. Serving the machines. Hotel paranoia. One of Andrew’s children isn’t long for this world. Andrew gets a new app; hilarity ensues. Oops! Part 3; shower sabotage.

  • 598: Let’s Bathe In Sound

    598: Let’s Bathe In Sound

    Episode 598: Methed lady walks like David Byrne dances. One movie from every year of the 90’s. Who goes down and who doesn’t in the movie American Beauty? The vent is peeing in the basement. Brett gets a sound bath at a retreat with carpeted walls. Andrew fights two bears.

  • 597: Dick Poppin’ Fingers

    597: Dick Poppin’ Fingers

    Episode 597: Finding the coffee storage device. Adding new lights and removing sky-lights. Finding shit to fill the shelves. ER bills. Should we get prepared? House photography leads to GPS panic. Filling our table with appetizers. Battle Impact Screw Fist. You only need 64 bits. A world map of traffic tickets. A cookie for Veteran’s…